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I love making and creating! I graduated with a B.A. in Visual Art from Erskine College, and I've been passionate about art since I was a child. I love exploring different mediums of art, methods of story telling and expressing myself, my thoughts, and ideas.

God has blessed me with a variety of talents and a deep love to create. I thank my marvelous family, parents, friends, mentors, peers, and teachers that have helped me along my journey and exploration into creativity. I yearn to observe and consume God's creations, the human culture, and appreciate the talents and creativity around the world. I draw my influences from art history of long ago and modern pop culture such as comic books and music videos.

My wife, Marissa, and children, Ansel and Harrison, are important supporters and a major inspiration. In addition to my family and friends, our two cats, Ansel and Frankie, and previous pets Little Boots and Snakey, are significant in the stories I tell, and in the art that I create. My wife is essential in most of my endeavors, giving advice, criticism, encouragement, and ideas. I treasure her method and approach to creativity.

I'm fond of collaborating and brainstorming ideas with family, friends, and peers. I also enjoy withdrawing to work by myself so I can dive deep into thought and achieve a creative flow with of assitance from the sounds of nature or from listening to music. I love to learn new skills, think of new ideas, and aspire to bring them to life. I hope to inspire you to create, explore new skills, and find new creative outlets.

This is a collection of what I make.

Abergale Academy

Welcome to Abergale, your comprehensive art, creativity, and skill development school! Whether you're a budding creator or a seasoned artist aiming to excel in various creative disciplines like music, writing, painting, and more, Abergale empowers you with expertly crafted lessons, comprehensive guides, and personalized learning to foster boundless creativity and artistic growth.

Davey Morgan Illustration


Whether it's character design, logos, music album art, pet portraits, or wedding invites, I blend creativity seamlessly into every project.

Davey Morgan Photography


Husband + Wife (Marissa) Team

Your Moments, Our Focus: With a passion for astrophotography, branding, bridals, concerts, corporate events, drone and aerial, engagements, family and children, fashion and editorial, headshots and groups, maternity, realty and architecture, seniors, travel and nature, and weddings, we are dedicated to capturing your special moments with precision and care..

Dragonberry Comics

Explore a diverse range of children's comic books, including narrated stories for pre-readers, simple sentences for early readers, and delightful art-only versions for endless fun!

Dragonberry Comics

We ignite brands with captivating graphic design, weaving magic into logos, print materials, and digital experiences.

Fiddle Fox

Find a variety of charming canvas wraps, posters, and other artistic creations to create a magical atmosphere in children's rooms and nurseries.


Greenville Video Services

Husband + Wife (Marissa) Team

Experience the power of our videography services, tailored for branding and real estate to narrate compelling stories.

Honey Grove Films

Spiritual Enrichment Resources: Explore faith-based coloring pages, devotions, praise songs, health tips, poems, and Bible verses, all adorned with imagery of God's creations, fostering a deeper connection with Jesus and God.

Honey Grove Films

Cinematography for Cherished Memories: Preserving the essence of families, both small and big, through cinematic experiences that encompass unforgettable family adventures, heartwarming family stories, and timeless love stories..

Kkachi Cafe logo

Fictious Korean cafe owned by Ji-Hu Cho (Magpie Of The Night).

지후가 운영하는 가상 한식당.

Magpie Of The Night

Ethereal River Spirit Sounds: Immerse yourself in electronic music, inspired by captivating stories collected from river spirits.

미묘한 강 정령 소리. 강의 영혼에서 수집한 매혹적인 이야기에서 영감을 얻은 전자 음악에 빠져보세요.

MUJI Studios

We are a versatile animation studio specializing in 2D and 3D animations.

Snowdo Press

We are a small children's book publisher dedicated to fostering creativity and wonder through delightful stories.

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